Kelli Copeland
Children's Director

Position:  Children's Director

Family: Kelli has one son, Joshua, daughter in law Scarlett, 2 grandsons, Micah and Noah

Testimony: Although I was raised in a christian home, and I was saved as a child no one prepared me for the truth that satan did not want me to have eternal life with the Father. So it was as the Holy Spirit began to draw me I was ill prepared for the attack that was to come.  Satan began to speak lies in my mind telling me if I went forward everyone would know that I was a sinner. The battle raged in my heart and mind, but my God is more wonderful than any lie of the devil.  I ran down that aisle to receive my Jesus and never looked back.

Hope for Covenant Church: Seeing our children grow into their purpose and potential, rising up as messengers and warriors of the King.

Favorite Verse: Psalms 116:7

Be at rest once more O my soul for the LORD has been good to (me) you.


2 Fun Facts: 

1. I love to write almost as much as I love kids.

2. My nickname as a child was "Keggy"