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 Core Values 

Our Core Values

The following Ten Core Values represent the ideals that shape the culture for Covenant Church, which in turn fosters an environment where people can grow together in Christ.


Spreading the fame of Jesus.


We desire for Jesus to be honored and celebrated in all that we do and in the way we do it. It’s always because of Him, about Him and for Him that we minister to those in the church and in the world.


Anointed Preaching.


We desire to proclaim the word of God under the influence of the Holy Spirit. The church has been entrusted with this sacred message where those who hear it have the opportunity to experience all the benefits of salvation.


The Presence of God.


We desire to pursue and encounter the Presence of God in such a way where He will make His dwelling among us. In His Presence we find joy, holiness, and intimacy with the Father.


Creative Leadership.


We desire to give space for the creative spark to inspire our leadership efforts. Being creative is being like our Creator God and is the most attractive way to approach leadership in the church.


Balanced Living.


We desire to manage personal life, family time, and ministry with a sense of balance. Being accountable with our rest, our time, and our energy is essential for balanced living.


Transformational Ministry.


We desire for all ministry to empower people to experience life change. Transformational ministry gives Jesus the opportunity to intersect with people and change them through the inner workings of the Holy Spirit.


Redemptive Community.


We desire for every person to experience the strength of redemptive community. Sharing our lives in close proximity with one another is essential in receiving true restoration.


Multi-Generational Church.


We desire to be a connected church for all generations where no one is forgotten and no one is left behind. Everybody is somebody in the kingdom of God.


Gospel of Grace.


We desire to present the Gospel with an emphasis on the grace of God. It’s not about our religious efforts which are riddled with condemnation, but instead it’s about what Jesus has accomplished for us and freely offers to us.


Honoring One Another.


We desire to create a culture of honor where we regard one another as more important than ourselves. Valuing each other’s ideas, preferences and expectations demonstrates honoring one another.
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