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Giving by Text 


1. Text an amount to (936) 229-4848 from your mobile phone.


2. You'll receive a reply link and can securely tie a payment method to your phone number. After this initial setup you can simply text an amount to give. Your text donations are NOT settled by your cellular service carrier.


Giving by text message is an amazing technology that enables you to safely, securely, quickly & effortlessly give. You can also add an optional fund after the amount if you want to give to a specific ministry area.


  • Text “help” for instructions to give to a specific ministry area. 

  • Text “funds” for a list of the ministries to which you can give. 

  • Text “reset” if you need to remove your saved payment method.


Remember, we are happy to walk you through the process. If you need any help, just ask!




Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Does this cost me on my phone bill?


A: The amount you give is NOT charged to your phone bill. If you normally receive a charge for sending or receiving text messages, those rates may apply just like any other time you send or receive a text message.


Q: What if I accidentally type the wrong amount?

A: If you made a mistake in typing the amount, we can request a refund up to 24 hours after the donation was made. During this time the donation is in the payment gateway and has not been settled by the bank. Regardless of the time frame, please contact our offices once you discover an incorrect amount has been given.


Q: Is there a record of my gift?

A: Yes! You can view your past tithe and offering records if they were given online or by text. Simply log into your account through the Online Giving Form to access the records. If you have any trouble logging in or do not know your information, please contact our offices.


You can also give by:

Give Online   |   Give by Personal Online Banking  

Our giving phone #

(936) 229 - 4848

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