Covenant Men 


The deterioration of true manhood and masculinity is a major contributor to the significant decline of morality in our culture. Men wrestle with their personal significance and identity, while falling prey to deception.

God has called men to bear His image and live according to his likeness. However, because of the deficiency in male leadership our culture is experiencing the consequences of ignorance and irresponsibility. Nevertheless, the Spirit of the Lord is calling and equipping men to redeem that which has been lost.

Covenant Men is a response to that call of true manhood. As the bible is understood, accepted and applied men can begin the journey of rediscovering their mandate in God's plan of redemption. Some of the major issues in men's hearts that will be addressed are as follows:


Identity - Significance - Masculinity - Leadership - Purity - Role of Husband - Role of Father - Stewardship - Character - Heritage
Equipping Men to Be Spiritual Leaders


We meet every third Saturday of the month, from 8:30 to 10:30 am.
The meetings are located in the Student Ministries building.
We have eat, worship and connect. 
Childcare available
Contact the church office for more information.