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The Salt and Light Ministry keeps the Church body informed on political issues of spiritual significance that confront our nation today & offers suggestions on ways to get involved.

3rd Tuesday

of each month in the
6:30pm | doors open 6:15pm

Our Mission:  

The mission of Covenant Church Salt & Light Biblical Ministry is to see America’s biblical and moral foundations restored to stand firm on our biblical values to love, honor, and show humility for issues of life, natural marriage, our religious liberties, and be non-partisan. (Matthew 5:13-16).


The approach we use can be summarized via the P-E-T-E-R mnemonic:

  • P – Pray, for our country and elected officials.

  • E – Educate, on God’s non-negotiable moral values and Biblical worldview.

  • T – Take Action, on issues and legislation.

  • E – Elections, get involved, vote values.

  • R – Restoration, hope it brings restoration to our nation and world.


Our Focus:

Importantly, Salt & Light is “apolitical” and non-partisan; rather, it concerns itself and takes action on only those issues affecting these core Biblical “non-negotiables,” and namely:

  • Sanctity of Life

  • Traditional Marriage & Family Values

  • Education

  • Support for Israel

  • Religious Freedom




Contact Information:

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