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Covenant Kids


0 to 36months

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Darla Partin

Darla Partin

Kids Director

Here at Covenant Church, we stand on God’s Word 

when Jesus told His disciples, “Let the children come.” 

We truly believe that our kids are the future 

and their youth can’t be despised.

In Covenant Kids, we want unity. 

We want the kids to build a strong foundation and relationship with Jesus 

and their brothers or sisters in Christ. 

We want volunteers to bond and be a strong team.

Lastly, we want to partner with the parents to train the kids 

in the way they should go, so when they’re older they won’t depart from it!


Covenant Kids is a safe & clean environment for your children to come. 

Our classes are the same time as the Celebration Service, 

so we encourage parents to drop off their kids before service 

and enjoy being a part of worship and fellowship with the adults. 

To find out more contact Jenny!

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