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Infants to 36months

Darla Partin

Darla Partin

Kids Director

Covenant Kids

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Here at Covenant Church, we stand on God’s Word when Jesus told His disciples, “Let the children come.”
We truly believe that our kids are the future and their youth can’t be despised. In Covenant Kids, we want unity. We want the kids to build a strong foundation and relationship with Jesus and their brothers or sisters in Christ. We want volunteers to bond and be a strong team. Lastly, we want to partner with the parents to train the kids in the way they should go, so when they’re older they won’t depart from it!
Covenant Kids is a safe & clean environment for your children to come.
Our classes are the same time as the Celebration Service, so we encourage parents to drop off their kids before service and enjoy being a part of worship and fellowship with the adults. 

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Infants to 36 Months

All babies are a gift from God. Attention is placed on creating and maintaining an environment that is clean, practical and offers a sense of wonder and care. The Nursery volunteers are committed to attending to the immediate needs of the babies. Parents can have confidence in knowing their children are in loving hands.


3 Years to Pre-K

This age group is learning about Jesus and our loving Father God through Bible stories, music, play time and crafts, which are age appropriate. It is a joy to watch these little ones as they gain understanding of who Jesus is and that they too can have faith and pray to their Father in Heaven.


5 Years to 5th Grade

The kids are developing an understanding of biblical principles, which will affect their behaviors and interaction with family and friends. There is a lot of interaction and discussion about the lessons learned. Most of our kids in the Elementary class are ready to take on the whole world. Our job is to help them realize that nothing is impossible with God, Luke 1:37.

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